World Series of Charles Barkley Going On

It’s WSOP Day 2A and July Day 4.  I keep forgetting it’s a holiday because everyday in Las Vegas is a Friday.  I’m tired and way behind schedule to play satellites.  Last night was the Bodog party and it was tons of fun.  They didn’t have strippers but the Bodog Girls were dressed as pin-up girls. 

Poker pros on hand were Evelyn Ng, Maria Ho, David Williams, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Jeff Madsen and Jean-Robert BellandeJustin Bonomo was deep in the deep stack at the Venetian.  Tiffany Michelle was also there in a great mood because she:

  • was with Maria Ho
  • found out she was playing in the Main Event
  • saw me in a dress

Madsen had a swollen lip.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted to say he was hit in the face with a basketball by Charles Barkley or if a girl bit his lip while he was in the dark corner.  As a woman, I think the Barkley senario makes for a better story.  And yes… Barkley was at the party, yes there was a basketball court in the suite and yep… Barkley told me he loved it when I asked him about his mother calling him a mama’s boy on HBO.

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