Who Sings the Somebody Left the Gate Open Song?

If you’ve been to the movies lately then you’ve probably seen the bank commercial. Then wondered… who sings the “somebody left the gate open” song. If you’ve seen the rock-climbing bank commercial, then you know what I’m talking about because the song gets stuck in your head.  Then the next time you hear the song, you can’t find a download link on iTunes.

The song is “Into the Wild” by LP. Even though metal is usually my speed, I’m adding LP to my crooner’s list along with Anthony Kiedis, Glenn Danzig and Chris Cornell.  Congratulations, now you can name that tune.

I posted a link to who sings somebody left the gate open song below the following Into the Wild video.

LP’s website is which should not be confused with IamML.


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  1. Bubb, I agree. It is a great song.

  2. This song is so special. Btw, someone left the train gate open. So special.

  3. Maybe it’s their way of saying they were hacked.

  4. Me too. I don’t have the best whistling skills. Maybe she learned from Axel Rose.

  5. I wish I could whistle like that.

  6. its funny that chase would pick this song about leaving the gate open?

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