Tracking Events and Competition Results

Came across my old test site for tracking events and competition results via an application. Here’s the original test site from 2007.  If you don’t know, see story below.

Shout out to Steve Wong for being a guinea pig and The Fat Guy.

While playing the 2006 WSOP, I wanted to update my event status electronically to a website using either email and or SMS application. I was overwhelmed with text messages because tournament reporters couldn’t physically keep up with the mass field and quickly changing stacks. Hence my working name… StackTrackers.  I believed I needed to push the product out fast, as surely an application existed, if not, it would soon.  It was also supposed to be top secret.  But I got the “Don’t be hasty” TreeBeard Ent speech.  I was also told it was a lame idea.

In February-ish 2007, my intellectual property attorney began researching technology patents for my “methodology” for “updating, tracking contests and competition results.”  Then a couple of months later, I learned about Twitter.  Working on “something” and “investors” ended up taking too long and my money went down the drain.  Darn, it would be nice to have that money back.

Anyway, kind of cool to look back on the original test site.  Looks like a personal Twitter Feed.

Update: If you’ve been involved with a natural disaster, then you understand the importance of different radio frequencies.

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