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 Apps are overwhelming.  Keeping up with the best apps in a busy social media world is worse.  Downloading a social media app means finding friends, uploading images and… filling out another bio.  Meh.  I recommend one word for a new bio…”degradable.”

Use the app once and never return? Here’s some new and old apps I’ve used more than once or twice.

Fav iPhone Apps

iPhone apps I use regularly

  1. Instagram – Social image sharing with filters.  Warning: addictive.  Read my previous post on Instagram.  Option to send pics to Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, facebook, Foursquare and Posterous.  Free.
  2. Twitter – 140 characters of meaningful, meaningless, informative, vain and caring messages.  Fast news. Twitter was a huge help for me during Hurricane Ike.  Warning: Millions describe themselves as out of the box thinkers here.  Free.
  3. facebook – This is the facebook app for facebook.  If you’re not familiar with facebook, I suggest powering up DOS and post “What is facebook?” on your favorite BBS.  Free.
  4. HootSuite – Update Twitter + facebook at the same time.  Free basic.
  5. Meebo – Group your Gtalk, MSN, Aim and other instant messaging accounts.  Has it added Skype yet?  Free.
  6. Skype – Sarah Bilney introduced me to Skype in 2006 pre-iPhones.  Skype’s latest update is way better than 2006, as it allows video chat around the world right on the iPhone.  No more laptop needed.  Google Voice is also great. Read my Google Voice post on the cool features.  Free.
  7. The Fancy – Find unusual things you probably can’t afford.  App is free, things you fancy…not so much.
  8. UberSocial – Twitter app that’s uber fancy but not The Fancy.  Built-in lists for finding new and interesting people.  Free.
  9. Netflix – Watching movies and television on the iphone.  Less than $10 per month.  Not social media.
  10. Rdio – I’m using the free 7 day trial.  For $10 a month you can listen to any song on the web,  mobile, and save songs for when offline.
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