To You, One Day

By the time I reached adolescence, I no longer competed in figure skating; however, I still enjoyed using the ice as my white sheet, my canvas, as a skater’s soul has an unexplainable love somewhere in the beautiful sound of metal cruising fast on a hard surface. In the summer of 1985, freshly turned fourteen, I was skating at the only ice rink in Austin. A rink in a shopping mall no less. I was in my own world when a boy motioned for me to come to the railing. The boy was older, perhaps somewhere between sixteen and twenty.

I skated over to him expecting to hear the usual “How did you learn to skate?” Instead, he reached over the railing and handed me a green restaurant order-ticket. The boy smiled and then walked away. He had given me a poem…signed “Sincerely, Adrian.” Poetry I quickly memorized and can still recite today.
Twenty-seven years later, I came across Adrian’s poem in an old photo album. I decided to share this story with my son, who was unimpressed, and as I began reciting the poem, I suddenly realized I could search the words on the Internet.
As it turns out, the lyrics were from a song by The Church, a band I already liked. Although it took nearly three decades before I actually heard the song “One Day”, it took less than a minute to download the song to my iPhone.
I never saw Adrian again but I often think of him.

One Day by The Church

One Day by The Church

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