Republican Debates: Tactless Politics Bad for Swingers

Tactless politics ran rampant in Monday night’s Republican debates.  It seemed the goal was  “How to Insult Friends + Influence Voters.”  The debate provided an excellent example of how to throw colleagues under the bus.  If candidates are campaigning to irritate swing voters then they should package their product and open an EBay store immediately.  Am I the only one who remembers former President Bill Clinton’s […]


GOP Campaign Manager Tips

This isn’t a political post, it’s about reach.  If you don’t know the difference go here. Tips for a GOP campaign manager: Michele Bachman looks like she’s planned her exit strategy.  If she plans on running, she needs to grab the podium like someone ready to take charge.  Bachman also needs to reserve her smile […]


Michael J. Moore Should Tap that White Campaign

Bill White’s campaign manager Michael J. Moore needs to tap into the masses.   “I like White” would have been a campaign to remember against Governor Rick Perry.  Not only because White rhymes with Ike but as a reminder at how well he handled the Hurricane Ike evacuation. Obviously he has to keep education, health […]

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