LEGO Ron Burgundy

A friendly reminder, don’t steal photos. When my son handed me a LEGO man to play an alien spaceship abduction, I looked down into my hand and into the eyes of LEGO Ron Burgundy. Son: “Who is Ron Burgundy?” Me: “The newsman Will Ferrell plays in the movie Anchorman. If we had a desk, I […]


Lego White House

My son and I made a Lego White House. Actually, it was my White House Lego project but I had too many one-sided conversations with the instruction booklet so my son took over when I wasn’t looking. He thinks his White House Lego instructions are better. Or I wasn’t working fast enough. As a mom, I’ve […]


Apollo 18 Movie Inspires Lego Synopsis

If you missed the Apollo 18 movie, I created a photo synopsis using Legos.  Here’s a link to the movie’s Lunar Truth Mission Control Blog. If you’re into aliens, Elenin, Nibiru and Wall Street, a cool website is TaoFear.  Don’t forget to smell the roses and enjoy your day.    

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