Super Bowl Cowboy Hat Faux Pas

Mathew McConaughey wearing a Stetson felt cowboy hat

The NFL Super Bowl might be the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Greenbay Packers, however, the football showdown will be in the Lonestar State…Texas.   If you’re lookin’ to display a ten gallon, there’s a couple of things to know before wearing a cowboy hat.  Here’s how to wear a cowboy hat in the Cowboys Stadium.

Don’t wear a straw cowboy hat.  Wearing a straw cowboy hat during the winter is like NFL face painting.  You’ll look good to a few, funny to some but an idiot to most. A straw cowboy hat is a straw hat. That’s why you see fur hats in Siberia and straw hats in the tropics. So, if it’s 85 degrees then more power to you.  However, it’s cold… so wear a felt cowboy hat. 

Summer exception: Sometimes men wear felt cowboy hats on nicer occasions.

If you really want to be appropriate, don’t wear a hat at all or be prepared to take it off. Cowboy hats are to keep the sun off your face and or to conserve body generated heat. Furthermore, cowboy hats can block a good view for the people sitting behind you. 

Wear a real cowboy hat.  I recommend a classic… Stetson.  Personally, I prefer my 4X Beaver felt black Stetson.   I’ve had mine for at least 15 years.  Yes, I said beaver.  A beaver is an animal that builds dams in rivers. Beavers also slap their tails which means go away.  If you’re an animal rights advocate then go for wool.

Finally, a little extra…don’t trash talk or call anyone a racist unless you want people to think your IQ is below average.  We don’t play the banjo or ask people to squeal like pigs here.  Any women with big hair…they’re a minority.  So, park any stereotyping at home. 

Cowboys Stadium is in Arlington.  Arlington is not Dallas.  

Saying “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am” will go a long way and the respect will be returned, however, don’t bother if it isn’t sincere.  Texans can see through a phony in a New York minute…they just take their Texas time to do it.  If you think you’ve outsmarted a Texan, more than likely, they’re just sizing you up… while being polite. 

Above all, keep it simple by remembering this… Texans are nice people and will welcome you into their homes.  But whatever you do…don’t mess with Texas. 

Here’s an NFL link for Super Bowl updates.

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