Summer 2012: Trains, Writing and Washington D.C.

I took time off from blogging this summer. Ironically, I wrote more words on paper in three months than I put online all year. I am intentionally leaving twitter out of this discussion.
Tomorrow I will receive several text messages asking “What have you been writing?” and I will reply “It’s a secret.”
There is no secret.
I also took my kids on a cross country train ride from New Orleans to Washington D.C. I bought Amtrak Rail Passes which was a great decision. Not once did I say “Don’t make me pull this train over.” I probably will not write about the trip because I prefer to keep my precious moments sacred. I do not want my kids suing me in twenty years for broadcasting their life on the Internet. That statement might irritate people but I feel pretty strongly about social media boundaries. Or lack thereof.
Nonetheless, the Amtrak Rail Pass is a great deal. For $450 adult, $225 a child, you get 15 days to complete eight segments. A segment is every time you get on and off the train.
I will write more about the pass later. Right now I need to get ready for a camping trip and this writing is fueled by four hours of sleep and an iPhone.


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