How’s that Smartphone Radiation Working for You?

In 2007, my pocket pc touchscreen left a red mark on my face for days… which I found to be a red-flag for smartphone radiation.  Anti-bacterial wipe experiments were unnecessary due to my father’s infrared lessons back in the 80’s.  Even today… my long iPhone conversations result in headaches.  Those who are thinking “I have a headset”…yes, with Bluetooth rays.   Fortunately, smartphone radiation can be reduced

Smartphone radiation rarely makes news headlines.  People don’t want to think they’re harming themselves.  And the thought of eliminating the iPhone….ooo eee…what up with that?   Is this similar to early reports of “Unhealthy Cigarette Smoking?”  At first, smokers probably said “I heard the ACME company paid for a slanted study to boost their sales.”   Unfortunately,  lung cancer became a common smoking related diagnosis in order to generate belief.   So, maybe our future holds a redo of one of these past commercial… like “This is your brain.  This is your brain on a smartphone.  Please think of those around you and by turning off radiation emitting services.”  Or… maybe another crying Indian Chief?  Mr. Yuck?

My next question… is it healthier to quit electronics and take up smoking?  To be extra healthy, the study should use a natural cigarette (without rat poison) for one group.   And the cost?  Nicotine at $400 per month.  Cable, cell phone, Internet, gaming consoles, downloads, movie subscriptions, other subscriptions, televisions… Hey, print on paper…you might be back in business.

If people gave up electronics to take up smoking…they might pollute the air but bandwidth would improve.  Just kidding.  Sort of…Think of the WSOP Amazon Ballroom or a technology convention with 2000 cell phones, 400 iPads and 200 laptops emitting radiation (and you know that’s a low number).  Or what about the 270 million wireless subscribers putting radiation in the air?  Gross.  Doesn’t smell badly, but gross.  That’s a lot of radiation in a room to keep you warm and cozy.

No idea if there’s an iPhone app for brain pain yet.  Until someone pays someone for a slanted study which asks slanted questions, collects slanted data and then supports a slanted marketing strategy to manipulate users to follow along like good little sheep who believe cool people are always right, I suggest checking out the Cancerblock app.  Cancerblock claims about a 90% radiation reduction (see there fine print for actual description).   They have a Droid app and the iPhone is next.  They also have a link to explain easy reduction without using their app…which clearly indicates that they want things to be better even if you don’t support them financially.

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  1. You’re very welcome!

  2. The Cancerblock Team wanted to thank you for the great support!

    We agree with you that this is a silent issue that needs to brought to the public’s attention. That said, wireless technology is extremely important for society both today and on into the future. That is why many industry watchdogs such as the United Nation’s World Heath Organization and the Environmental Work Group’s recommendation is to take preventative measures now.

    For your readers, If they are interested in our product, we just completed our Free version of Cancerblock which can be downloaded in the Android app market @ Cancerblock lite or our paid version, Cancerblock for $2.99.

    With or without our application there are steps you can take to limit your exposure and you can find out more at or at


    The Cancerblock Team
    -Creating awareness and reducing radiation from celluar phones since 2010.


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