Dangerous Rosary Causes School Suspension

A Houston middle school girl was suspended for wearing her grandmother’s rosary and the school used the “it’s gang related” excuse.  Ah, the ol’  “safety issue”…it works every time.  So, this girl was taught… to hide her beliefs, deny her right and believe policy trumps freedom.

Not sure if the suspension violates religious freedom because I’m not sure religious freedom still exists.  It’s now…freedom to be Atheist, Agnostic and the right to ridicule those who feel differently.  Which can be defined in two words… Control Freaks.  No, I’m not pushing religion, I felt this way during my Atheist/Agnostic  20-something decade.   No I’m not practicing law without a license because I added “not sure.”  And yes, I have compassion for someone who is just doing their job and possibly keeping things consistent.  I really hate adding in such obvious statements.

Or maybe it’s a case of enabling the dangerous kids.  Maybe it’s lets avoid all differences so authorities have to do less work.  Or maybe it’s because authorities have to follow the written code or they will not be able to put food on the table. 

Who even told on this girl in the first place?  Was it faculty or a student?  I’m sure we’ll find out but for now…let’s thank them.   Thank you, nagging complainers.  Thank you for humiliating this girl for being herself.  Houston can sleep better now knowing all mean, heartless, religious middle school students will be banned from school to make room for the compliant gang members.   It’s important to keep up the “tough” public school image so sending the nice people home was a brilliant plan.

Someone better warn ZZ Top because the pearl necklace might be next.

Read the story from KHOU.

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