Cats Don’t Like Oily Tap Water

There was an oily residue in my coffee and tea in 2009. Cleaning with vinegar and baking soda did not resolve the issue.  I bought a new tea pot but the oil issue remained. Eventually, realizing the oily residue was also in the sinks, I decided it was definitely coming from the faucet.

This cat doesn’t like oily tap water

An online forum suggested it was pipe issues and that copper pipes normally didn’t have oily water problems. This made sense because I no longer had copper pipes; however, a flat Earth makes sense too. I wasn’t convinced it was the pipes so I used bottled water to make coffee and tea.

Then my water dispenser began leaking. I was going to have it replaced until one night, after hearing a strange noise in the kitchen. I discovered my cat playing with the dispenser. She had her hind legs on the countertop and her front paws pushing on the bottle. She made eye contact… she meowed and I moved the water dispenser. As if it weren’t enough that she already stuck her paws and face in our own water glasses! It’s not as if she’s high-maintenance because in our old house…she drank out of the toilet.

Then last week I thought… maybe she smells something in the water. We know animals have a keen sense of smell and we know tap water is chemically treated but the sudden change is strange. Still no word on the oil but look what the Washington Post reported about a water plant today.


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