Three Reasons NFL Cheerleaders Danced to The Little Drummer Boy

Cheerleaders in Santa costumes

The NFL cheerleaders showed off their grinding abilities Sunday afternoon.  Wearing less than ¼ of a Santa costume, football’s spirit leaders danced to The Little Drummer Boy.  The Little Drummer Boy is a Christmas song about a little boy playing the drum in honor of Jesus’ birth.

Either I need a price check on common sense or The Little Drummer Boy was chosen from one of the following three reasons:

  • When I hear The Little Drummer Boy, I think about my mother, therefore, the cheerleaders performed a grinding dance to remind the male audience of dear old mother.
  • The cheerleaders wanted a miracle baby.
  • The cheerleaders thought provocative dancing, a little boy and football was a current marketing strategy.

Thanks for keeping it classy.  Let’s keep America…looking smart.

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