My Annual Christmas Story

My mother brought over the 10ft Noble Fir the night after Chanukah. It was also Shabbat.

“Mother, I’m Jewish now not Episcopalian.”

“I know but it’s Christmas.”

She then decorated the tree with the hand blown German balls I bought years ago. I have kept the glass balls because they are well made and they were expensive balls. And frankly, I like my ball collection. I also like the smell of a fresh Noble Fir during the holidays. I acquiesced.

I was in my room when I heard a couple of the balls shatter. I am unsure who was responsible for the ball busting but I did hear my son advise, “be careful with the blue ones.”

Happy holidays and maintain the peace.


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  1. “be careful with the blue ones” classic!!!! nobody likes BLUE BALLS Ouchy

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