Misfit Coffee Tea Baggers

Misfits for Tea Baggers

I was using my Misfits coffee mug to tea bag this morning when I decided “coffee mug” was offensive to tea bags.  Therefore, I changed the name coffee mug… to hot beverage mug.  I was unable to change feelings or intent, but, the combination of letters used for description is different.  More importantly, I was heard, I had power and…I was important.

As I said in April 2009…if you’re into tea bagging…or a Tea Party member that’s your choice. If you’re protesting, that’s also your choice. The beauty of America is… I don’t care what you do because I don’t have to do what you do. I am me. However, the attention-seeking inappropriate public behaviors are annoying.  I know it’s an excellent way to make money off of teenagers without appearing to be making money off of teenagers… but seriously… dig a little deeper in your soul.

  • Vandalizing is a good way to start lawsuits, lay-off more workers and raise the cost of liability insurance. Last time I checked, repairs cost money.  Who wins?  Attorneys.
  • If you dislike Corporate America…don’t let anyone see your corporate made phone used to video protesters who are using corporate made cardboard that you upload to a corporate owned site or server.  Wordiness intended.
  • Pick up after yourself. If you don’t like debt then don’t run up a cleaning bill.

Don’t take it personally when people disagree with your policy. It’s not about you. Plus, the Narcissistic Control Freak Association isn’t accepting new member applications.


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