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Commodore 64 User, Generation X mother, Social Media, Not a Ninja…

Writing: My first print publication was a sports article for my college newspaper. My first Internet job was writing online reviews in 1999. Around that time, I wrote a crappy screenplay, which will remain nameless.

In 2006, I started a few blogs and began writing about culture, policy, parenting, playing cards and technology. I’ve created content for ESPN, Bluff Media, various websites and the WSOP. My content includes columnist, reporter, chapter author, speech writer and more.

Tech: Started with the Commodore PET to the Commodore 64. BBS – yes. I could put BASIC + COBOL Programming in my bio but I only remember “Hello World.”
I’m experienced in HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript + jQuery. I also beta test new applications.

Personal: I’m a mother of two children. I ran businesses, including my own, but in boring industries. Now I’m pursuing my dream of writing a novel and publishing books.

It would be nice if I had a creative, flexible part-time job that pays well. I might even stay on after I win the title “World’s First Billionaire Poet.”

I like Wonder Woman, Ernest Hemingway, snowboarding and chocolate.

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