Lego White House

The White House Legos

The White House in Legos

My son and I made a Lego White House. Actually, it was my White House Lego project but I had too many one-sided conversations with the instruction booklet so my son took over when I wasn’t looking. He thinks his White House Lego instructions are better. Or I wasn’t working fast enough.

As a mom, I’ve painfully mastered finding tiny Legos with my feet, specifically in the dark. I’ve found Legos in the kitchen, dining room, study, bathroom and closet. And because nothing gets by mom, I once found the Lego R2D2, Darth Vader and a Wookie in my bed.

Speaking of feet, does the current White House have a Dance Party? Every Janet needs a Dance Party.

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  1. Thanks, it’s a favorite. My next Lego project is organizing Legos. I can’t take it anymore.

  2. That looks cool. Coming from a dad who has 4 kids and millions of legos in the house I have stepped on them and even found them in certain cracks in the bed. Yeah. I usually have to pass the instruction book over as well. Our kids favorite lego as of now are the NinjaGo legos.

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