LEGO Ron Burgundy

A friendly reminder, don’t steal photos.
AnchormanWhen my son handed me a LEGO man to play an alien spaceship abduction, I looked down into my hand and into the eyes of LEGO Ron Burgundy.

Son: “Who is Ron Burgundy?”

Me: “The newsman Will Ferrell plays in the movie Anchorman. If we had a desk, I would make a LEGO Anchorman movie review like I did for the Apollo movie.”

Son: “I can make a desk.”

Sixty seconds later, my son handed me a LEGO desk and a cup of LEGO coffee. I wondered if I had asked for the cup. Did I mention Ron Burgundy’s love for scotch? Scotch? Scotch? My son said LEGO Ron Burgundy should have a cup of coffee like all the other news people. We then played LEGO Ron Burgundy gets abducted by aliens on the live news. We tied an astronaut on a string for the rescue. Good times.

Also watch the Ron Burgundy’s ESPN audition video.


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