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WSOP Staying Alive by Michele_Lewis

I, I, I, I Stayed Alive at the WSOP

I was without Internet this summer in Las Vegas which meant not much writing.  Unless Twitter microblogging counts.  My writing managed to stay alive using the iPhone WordPress App but writing on an iPhone is about as microblogging as it gets.  I managed to write a great post but it took a while.  My genius iPhone wireless keyboard idea didn’t make it into my suitcase because I assumed I’d have Internet.

Four people suggested emailing myself the document which is impossible when a laptop doesn’t have Internet.  I downloaded a free app called FileAppFileApp lets you drag and drop PDF, Word, Excel files from your laptop to your iPhone via iTunes.  They offer a desktop download but I opted to use iTunes instead.  I was able to type a Word doc, sync it quickly to my iPhone and then email the document out from my phone.  And even if you have a wireless wifi card, FileApp is faster and unaffected by horrible reception.

The WordPress App is still great for comments and editing; however, when writing new posts keep in mind you need to use HTML for links.

I’m off to see Captain America.

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