How to Import Gmail Contacts into iPhone 5 iO6

I wanted to learn how to import Gmail contacts into iPhone 5 iO6 without using cloud, backups, downloading new software and without using the Gmail Microsoft Exchange solution (yes, Microsoft for Gmail).  Unfortunately, if you delete the Microsoft Exchange email off of your phone then it also deletes your contacts off your phone as well.
You can Google search a solution, however, finding how to import contacts into an iPhone is like ordering a cup of tea at Starbucks. Do you want hot milk? No. Do you want that iced? No. Do you want a Chai tea? No, I just want a cup of hot water.

Ultimately, I exported my Gmail contacts into a vCard file (or CSV) and emailed them to myself (see directions below) because the iTunes sync did not work.  In today’s techical world of ease, I feel I should be able to import contacts with a quick import instead of having to email them to myself.   For example, my children use my old iPhone without an email account because I do not want 5000 emails from Build-a-Bear, Barbie or Nintendo. Furthermore, since I share an Apple account with my kids, using backups for new phones means they will get all of my info on their phone. Maybe when Apple lets me create a new account and transfer all of their games this will be easier but until then below is an easy way to transfer your contacts onto your new phone:

How to Import Gmail Contacts into the iPhone 5:

  1. Login to Gmail.
  2. Make sure you have added any new contacts from your old phone into your Gmail contact list.
  3. Click top left arrow to contacts
  4. Click “more” and select “Export”
  5. I chose the vCard format, saved the export file to my desktop. This is also a backup.
  6. Email the contact file to yourself
  7. Opened email on the iPhone and import the contacts
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