Houston Texans, Astrodome and Grandma

Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium

Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium

Hard to believe ten years has passed since the first Houston Texans game.  Reliant stadium was so new that we had temporary seats for the first season. The temporary seats were comfortable but the August and September heat was about as miserable as the insults yelled at David Carr.   Someone thought it would be a good idea to use the retractable roof the majority of the first year and I spent the majority of the games analyzing the sun’s location so that I could find the perfect seats for the following season.   However, the heat did not keep the fans away, after all, football was returning to Houston.  Too many years had passed since Bud Adams took the Houston Oilers to Tennessee and the excitement was electric.  Unfortunately, this also meant we were unable to change seats.

I walk up Reliant Stadium’s Coca-Cola ramp each week, which runs parallel to the Astrodome.  After making this hike for ten years, one would think that the Astrodome would just sort of fade into the background.  However, that has not been the case for me.  Each week, I find I am still in love with the Astrodome as I stare at the mildewed concrete barnacle feeling nostalgic.  I watched Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell, Warren Moon, Andre Ware and Bum Phillips in that stadium.  Minute Maid Park still displays the original bull and fireworks for home runs on the jumbo vision but it is not the same.  As far as I am concerned, I am just fine with the Astrodome standing as is, where is, as I find her history to be the heart and soul of our sporting history.

I have enjoyed the past ten years watching the Texans grow into a solid unified team.  I still stood and cheered my heart out when we were the worst team in the NFL.  Not because I wanted first draft pick, just simply because I love the Texans.  Our seats are on the visitor side so back in the earlier years, most of the fans around us were Cowboys, Colts and Titans fans.  It was not always fun.

It is also nice the Texans are doing well because grandma is our main season ticket holder and grandma… is 95 years-old.  It takes a lot for a 95 year-old woman to get to the football game but she insists on going.  She still loves football games and the Texans have certainly made this season worth her effort.  She does not bring her grandma bag of pom-poms, seat cushions and towels like she used to but she still speaks up when “they need to get a first down.”

Congratulations, Houston is the AFC South Division Champions.  We are Texans.

If you have never been to a Texans game, the video below is the original game opener.  The 2012 video is still similar but has some Transformer special effects.


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