Happy Veterans Day and Thank You

Happy Veterans Day to the good apples who worked to outshine the bad apples.

Thank you, Veterans. Thank you for sitting in the dark listening to bullets while wondering if you would ever see your mother or father again. Thank you for standing up to all the playground bullies in our world. Thank you for trying to help those who suffered rape, murder and starvation when others were too busy to do the job. Thank you for your courage witnessing horrible events while I complained about my jeans feeling too tight. Thank you Veterans for keeping us safe while we enjoyed our football, video games and ice cream.
Thank you, General Patton for telling my grandfather during WWII that “One day you can tell your grandchildren you were here instead of shoveling shit.”

Thank you to my dad for serving in the Air Force in Vietnam but believing the world is better without war. More importantly, thank you for fighting cancer and beating the odds so you could live longer. Thank you for continuing the fight even when news is bad. And thank you for being a great dad.

Thank you to my family for serving in the current war all the way back to the Seven Year War. To my American Revolution grandfathers, uncles, cousins and red bloods… I will remember you on Memorial Day but today I thank you for fighting against taxation without representation. Thank you for providing a way of life that, too often, I take for granted.

To my friends who did not serve, thank you for being productive members of society and leading by example. Thank you for the hours and love you gave, with or without compensation, to those who still struggle. Especially to those who gave silently eschewing the pat on the back.

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