Happy Memorial Day To All Rebels With A Cause

Happy Memorial Day. The holiday that makes my birthday a three day weekend more often than not. The holiday that reminds me that my birthday exists from a long line of courage.
On Memorial Day I remember past brave souls who stood up to bullies (Veteran’s Day is for the living). After so much family research, it is impossible not to passionately remember my rebellious great grandfathers and grandmothers who volunteered in the 13 Colonies as far back as the French Indian War. Or to honor those who chose a life of service in policy and politics. I honor and respect the women who watched their young sons leave home to protect their rights, quite possibly boys shaking in their boots, only never to return home. The mothers who waited months to hear from sons who fought on both sides of the American Revolution and the Civil War. The mothers who walked the bloody lakes of battle fields searching for fathers, brothers, friends and sons.

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Memorial Day

My great grandfathers who served in both World Wars. Including my grandfather who made it home after serving under Patton to quote “Men, at least one day you can tell your grandchildren you were here instead of shoveling $4!t.”
I will remember my great grandfather who was one of the first Texas Rangers in the 1830s. Long live the Republic!

Tomorrow and every day… I honor my white blood for civilizing the land and pushing for civil rights and my red blood for the love of the soil and the wind in the trees.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone and the sacrifices your family made in all parts of our World be it voluntarily or involuntarily. May you be blessed with good soil beneath your feet and full belly.

Must watch on Memorial Day. The Patriot, The Last of The Mohicans. The History channel Hatfields & McCoys miniseries Monday night and the movie Battleship. If you want to know who sings the Hatfields and McCoys miniseries theme song… The song is “Bartholomew” by The Silent Comedy.

For the brave Veterans.

Good luck to all my friends playing and working the WSOP!

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