Recession Costumes for Halloween + Hangouts

During recessions, it’s best to be resourceful.  That’s why I created an online Halloween costume.   This Halloween I’m going to be Captain Jack Sparrow.  I might even hangout in this costume everyday.  Other names I’m considering… the Marquis de Sade or the Goteed Lady.  I like the Goteed Lady.  I’d like to put Founder of the Goteed Lady Website on my resume.  Or hear myself say “Hi, I’m the Goteed Lady.” In my experience, everyone wants to hangout with a Goteed Lady.  Buying domain now….

If my Halloween costumes and candy gamification project isn’t done soon, I’ll have to complete a live costume.   Does anyone have a puffy shirt I can borrow?

I’m looking forward to a Halloween hangout costume contest with my friends.  I’m thinking first prize deserves a Chia Pet or a Snuggie.  This costume was inspired by the Wooly Willy.

Michele's online hallloween hangout

Ready for a Halloween Hangout + Puffy Shirt



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