Halloween Costumes Still Sexy

The Halloween costume catalogue arrived this week reminding me it’s time for my annual Halloween Costume blog post.  Good news for parents who don’t mind if their kids dress like sexy hookers, as 2011 continues with Halloween’s contemporary theme of what I like to call… National Hooker Day.  See creative Halloween costume photos below.

I doubt sexy kids costumes are best sellers with Super Mario’s Peach and Harry Potter as competitors.  However, I’m not thrilled when my daughter asks “Is that how Katy Perry dresses?”  or “What kids wear that school uniform?”  The better adult costumes, which may or may not be, from the millions of  “marketing experts” and “out of the box” thinkers on Twitter are:

  • Angry Birds costume
  • Pac-Man costume

I have three questions:

  1. Who designs these sexy Halloween costumes for kids and what are they thinking?
  2. Should sexy adult costumes be included in the same catalogue kids costumes?
  3. Why hasn’t Fox News put these costume designers on Bill O’Reilly?

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