GOP Presidential Debates Lose Big Strategy

As we near the end of the GOP presidential debate season, Governor Rick Perry leaves the game and heads to the locker room. This is bad news for candidates using emotional campaign strategies because the offensive line has lost the border patrol tactic. This might be the biggest drama upset since the loss of Herman Cain’s 999-Plan earlier in the season. Two pivotal plays that had America so upset that they’re probably forbidden topics in tonight’s debate. Shocking.

Last time I checked, Ron Paul was the only candidate to speak out against SOPA, therefore, there will be absolutely no SOPA questions tonight. I retract, if Wikipedia’s still trending then there might be a SOPA question.

Nonetheless, watch these game plays as Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum head into tonight’s CNN’s GOP Presidential Debate:

Looking Down Head Shake with Fake Smile: This rude and condescending body language is how you impale foreign policy. If an employee acted this way, the employee would be fired. Either it’s an uncontrollable reaction to fear (assuming fear is the common denominator of pissed-off) or this move is an attempt to tell our allies that America disrespects colleagues in public.

Interrupters: Candidates who interrupt colleagues are using the distract and confuse tactic. Actually, it’s more like a false start. In my unprofessional analysis, this passive-aggressive play is an egotistical self-centered move that’s bad for the team. This is the kind of play that makes voters say ” I don’t know what it is about Jane Doe but I don’t trust her.”

Stamina: If the campaign is exhausting, get an antihistamine unless you want to sound like you have a stuffy nose. Stuffy nose = higher pitched voice. Higher pitched voice? Look at recent presidential election results.

The Button Pusher: The kind of button pushing that makes opponents so irritated that no one notices who pushed the snowball off the ledge in the first place. Rewind the debates and you’ll find offense pretending to be roughed by the defense. Not sure why politicians still think this works after two decades of self-help and Oprah. But whatever.

Good Looking: It shouldn’t matter that a certain candidate has a son who looks like Bradley Cooper. But it does. American beauty is in the eye of the unconscious. A humble attitude and concise facts look good. Character assassination looks bad.

The pressure’s rising and the tired candidates are irritable. I’d rather see a candidate say he’s angry than hide behind a good looking fake smile. However, in my opinion, presidential debates are about attitude rather than depth or content.

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