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A few days later, I was reading and contributing tweets to the online poker indictment news when Ric tweeted his inability to play online poker.  However, Ric expressed his disappointment with “Chemo day. No gym. No poker. This part of life sucks #cancer #F**kCancer.”  I stopped scrolling and paused for a while.

I sent Ric my sympathies via direct message and we corresponded a bit.  I wanted the poker community to see his tweet and follow him for support.  I received his permission, yet, I decided his words and strength deserved more than 140 characters and I preferred to make a post.  Here’s what he said:

“My hope is too show how this disease got me tuned into poker. Strange huh? Online poker helped me so much the past 8 months. Helped me keep my mind busy, my heart happy…  I love how it showed me if I keep focused and positive, we can beat anything. Life is about our battles, when we are our weakest we become our strongest, if we choose.”

No, not strange at all, you’re story is inspiring.   Follow @Gunz444 who, after facing cancer, said “I’ll beat it.”

Go Go Go, Gunz!

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