Fearing the Unexpected

When airplane passengers fear unexpected turbulence, they usually look at a flight attendant’s face for reassurance. Obviously, flight attendants know more than passengers. They’re experienced, trained, and have access to more information.
Ditto this scenario for cancer. We trust oncologists to know more than ourselves.  It’s easy to admit powerlessness when you lack skills to solve the problem.

However, when it comes to politics, America is full of political geniuses. The majority of these political geniuses never run for office. If they know so much then why don’t they get up and do something?  Why don’t they volunteer to make the World better?  Join a campaign, donate, volunteer or help educate the youth?  Sitting around complaining is just sitting around complaining.  Trust me, I’m a woman and I know for a fact that…nagging doesn’t work.  Change does.
Which flight attendant do you want on your flight?
 No, this post isn’t about you, you or you. And neither were the other blog posts.

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