Shrimp, Roaches and Diatomaceous Earth

If you have a weak stomach then read no further. 

If you ever thought you had a stomach bug then it might have been worms. I read that roughly 80% of Americans have intestinal parasites. Most assume it is from undercooked pork, but worms come from produce too. Like I said in 2009, Diatomaceous Earth is a great natural pest control and some people actually ingest a spoonful a day.  It’s green, organic and inexpensive.  This FDA approved product is the white powder found in your rice and pasta.    However, being that it is ground up silica, its razor-sharp edges are harmful to your lungs if inhaled.

I read that people use Diatomaceous Earth to de-worm animals and people.  Good stuff to have around the house when civilization falls apart.

As for undercooked meat, I have never been a fan of pork.  When you hear that a pig is worm infested…true or not…it is disgusting. Disgust is exactly what cured me of shrimp. I was at a shrimp exhibit at an aquarium park when I saw a tank filled with live shrimp.  As I stared at 300 long bodies, 600 antennas and 2000 legs… I decided shrimp were the tree roaches of the sea. Is it a coincidence that Houston has some of the largest shrimp and tree roaches? If I could draw more than a stick figure, I would make a shrimp -> crawfish -> roach evolution bug chart.  Not that shrimp have anything to do with this post, I just think they are disgusting. 

But then again…if human’s truly smell more than they taste, people will continue to buy anything drenched in butter.

Diatomaceous Earth is harmful to lungs if inhaled.  I am not a doctor or expert, this writing is based on other websites I read.  Do your research.   Check out this info on Diatomaceous Earth. I bought my Diatomaceous Earth at a local nursery and it has worked well in my home.  I would write more about DE uses for bed bugs but I need to end this subject before I vomit.


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  1. I don’t eat shrimp, lobster and other bottom dwellers for about the same reason. I had forgotten about some of the health benefits associated with DE, however I wasn’t aware of 2 grades. I figured it all the same.

    There was a period of time when I lived in Miami I was a ‘Pool Cleaner’ This is about the only hands on experience I have with this. I read your other article. Enlightening to say the least. IMHO I think your children have an Ace for a Mom.

    Regards Michele

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