Blogger Platforms: High Maintenance = Bad Writing

Dear WordPress,

I love you but…our relationship no longer works for me.  Literally.  Since our hookup, my writing has gone to $#!+.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I simply don’t have time for you anymore, therefore, I’m leaving you.

My love always,


Migrating to WordPress allowed a new wonderful flexibility from my days using the Blogger and Typepad platforms. Unfortunately, the flexibility I acquired resulted in a high maintenance WordPress site that was pretty…but seriously lacking elsewhere.

In the past two years, I’m grateful to have developed skills in CSS, HTML, MySQL, Plugins, updates, site security, files, folders, C-panel,, validation errors, shared hosting, VPS, better permalinks, tables and so on.  I also learned, the hard way, deleting your old blog without a redirect…big mistake.  All my old top incoming links from sites like MSN are long gone.  Along with the traffic, page rank, readers etc.  Yet, while developing new skills…I didn’t have time to write.  My limited time was devoted to infrastructure rather than content.  Wait, what content?  Exactly.

I’ve spent the past two weeks searching for bad code, missing posts and trying to clean up a database bigger than Bill Gate’s external hard drive, no, bigger than his personal servers.  Last year, I took some time off from my site and missed two WordPress updates.   Oops, that’s not good.  I had so many files in my database that Bluehost confirmed a hack.  Which explains decreased traffic with increased content.  Ever google WordPress hacks?  Ever google Blogger or Typepad hacks?  The results are totally different and also have totally different meanings.

So, I’m moving.  I’m not sure where I’m moving yet.  I’m leaning towards my Blogger page, as Blogger has evolved quite nicely + it’s free.

Considering my history with Typepad, Posterous, Live, Yahoo, Blogger,,…I should become a blogger platform consumer analyst.

I will post all new content links on my Twitter page.

Hello… Blogger?

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