Don’t Zoom on Vacation + 2009 WSOP Photos


WSOP portraits can be great for moms… but I’ve always enjoyed the bigger picture through my lens or on the web (and no, I’m not claiming to be a great photographer). For example, my mother and mother-in-law zoom in too much while taking photos on vacation, that a year later we’re like… “Where were we?”  It’s like taking someone’s photo in front of the Eiffle Tower and you end up without an Eiffle Tower in the background.  WTF?  What’s the point of lugging a camera around when you could just take your own pictures at home in the kitchen?  Poor moms.

Since I’m not at the WSOP  … head over to BJ Nemeth’s photos on PokerRoad Nation and The Entities Chick Pics.  Both sites are loved by 100% of their friends and rightly so because all of their friends are smart.

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