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Shrimp, Roaches and Diatomaceous Earth

If you have a weak stomach then read no further.  If you ever thought you had a stomach bug then it might have been worms. I read that roughly 80% of Americans have intestinal parasites. Most assume it is from undercooked pork, but worms come from produce too. Like I said in 2009, Diatomaceous Earth […]


Lego White House

My son and I made a Lego White House. Actually, it was my White House Lego project but I had too many one-sided conversations with the instruction booklet so my son took over when I wasn’t looking. He thinks his White House Lego instructions are better. Or I wasn’t working fast enough. As a mom, I’ve […]


Apollo 18 Movie Inspires Lego Synopsis

If you missed the Apollo 18 movie, I created a photo synopsis using Legos.  Here’s a link to the movie’s Lunar Truth Mission Control Blog. If you’re into aliens, Elenin, Nibiru and Wall Street, a cool website is TaoFear.  Don’t forget to smell the roses and enjoy your day.    


Tracking Events and Competition Results

Came across my old test site for tracking events and competition results via an application. Here’s the original test site from 2007.  If you don’t know, see story below. Shout out to Steve Wong for being a guinea pig and The Fat Guy. While playing the 2006 WSOP, I wanted to update my event status […]


Watermarking Photos for Instagram

  After the TwitPic photo Terms of Service controversy (see photo copyright update below), I began noticing Instagram users were posting other user’s photos as their own.  To help mitigate unavoidable theft of my content, I began watermarking photos.  Especially after reading a parent’s photo of their child ended up on a billboard in another country.  Kind […]


iPhone FileApp Great for Traveling Writers

I was without Internet this summer in Las Vegas which meant not much writing.  Unless Twitter microblogging counts.  My writing managed to stay alive using the iPhone WordPress App but writing on an iPhone is about as microblogging as it gets.  I managed to write a great post but it took a while.  My genius […]

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