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Top 10 Things You Will See in 2015

I wrote these top ten things you will see next year on my phone before a cup of tea. 1. One more… There is always one more. 2. Two kinds of people. Those who can count and those who cannot. (Sorry. My son thinks this is funny). 3. Three people preaching religion, preaching science, preaching […]


Songs By Cooper and The Deaf

I enjoyed finding these two music videos today. Mr. Me by Cooper and “Coming Down that Road” by The Deaf. Click the title above to make the jump.


Lights From Space Music

I am currently digging Lights From Space a rock band from Seattle (see music below).  Surprisingly, the band’s music has received very few views, despite such catchy tunes.  This made me think of Dalton Caldwell’s post on predicting hit songs because he and I were surprised to see a similar situation with The Mowgli’s. If I had a […]


How to Import Gmail Contacts into iPhone 5 iO6

I wanted to learn how to import Gmail contacts into iPhone 5 iO6 without using cloud, backups, downloading new software and without using the Gmail Microsoft Exchange solution (yes, Microsoft for Gmail).  Unfortunately, if you delete the Microsoft Exchange email off of your phone then it also deletes your contacts off your phone as well. […]


Online Life Owners

Congratulations. You were selected for a new telemarketing job without even applying. Your friend’s profile page, which looks like a blog, provided content of you, your family, and friends into a company server for free. Free is the keyword. You don’t need to thank your friends, as they don’t even realize they provided this service […]


LEGO Ron Burgundy

A friendly reminder, don’t steal photos. When my son handed me a LEGO man to play an alien spaceship abduction, I looked down into my hand and into the eyes of LEGO Ron Burgundy. Son: “Who is Ron Burgundy?” Me: “The newsman Will Ferrell plays in the movie Anchorman. If we had a desk, I […]


Macro Cell Lens for iPhone

Last time I was on PhotoJoJo they had three items for sale. Now they have three billion phoneography gadgets. I was going to buy the three pack lens set until I saw the $15 rubber band macro lens. The Macro Cell Lens works on a Blackberry or Droid as well, as PhotoJoJo claims it works with any mobile […]

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