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LEGO Ron Burgundy

A friendly reminder, don’t steal photos. When my son handed me a LEGO man to play an alien spaceship abduction, I looked down into my hand and into the eyes of LEGO Ron Burgundy. Son: “Who is Ron Burgundy?” Me: “The newsman Will Ferrell plays in the movie Anchorman. If we had a desk, I […]


Macro Cell Lens for iPhone

Last time I was on PhotoJoJo they had three items for sale. Now they have three billion phoneography gadgets. I was going to buy the three pack lens set until I saw the $15 rubber band macro lens. The Macro Cell Lens works on a Blackberry or Droid as well, as PhotoJoJo claims it works with any mobile […]


Shrimp, Roaches and Diatomaceous Earth

If you have a weak stomach then read no further.  If you ever thought you had a stomach bug then it might have been worms. I read that roughly 80% of Americans have intestinal parasites. Most assume it is from undercooked pork, but worms come from produce too. Like I said in 2009, Diatomaceous Earth […]

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