Archives for December 2008


Run Good, Run Far + PokerStars World Championship

As if PokerListings Run Good Challenge wasn’t enough to make you run for your money, beginning this month is the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (see link below). As for running good… well, my QQ flopped like a fish on the river when Kid Dynamite’s 44 pulled a last second set.  But, that’s poker and I’ve done the […]


People Cheated In Sports…Who Knew?

While I’m happy poker cheaters are revealed and exited from the table, I’m losing sleep no one has mentioned point shaving or excessive human growth hormone used at the tables.  Certainly online opponents would have an advantage if they were using HGH, illegal consumption of adderall or perhaps taking a dive in the fifth.  Unless of course, […]

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