Blogging Update

I needed better writing samples and decided to update my blog to look more… updated. I have to say, after reading some of my old blog posts, a wave of writer shame hit me. I closed the browser, ate a gallon of ice cream, and remained in fetal position for an hour. I would say […]


Top 10 Things You Will See in 2015

I wrote these top ten things you will see next year on my phone before a cup of tea. 1. One more… There is always one more. 2. Two kinds of people. Those who can count and those who cannot. (Sorry. My son thinks this is funny). 3. Three people preaching religion, preaching science, preaching […]


Dear Weblog

Dear Weblog, Sorry I’m late. No, I didn’t forget you. No, it’s not because the newness of our relationship wore off. I’ve been busy. Yes, I’ve been seeing younger servers and platforms but younger has nothing to do with it. Well, sure there’s less maintenance but that’s not it either. Of course I love you. […]


Why Bother Creating Apps?

Would someone explain to me why a developer would want to continue making apps if Apple is going to offer photo editing, iTunes Radio etc? Seems pointless for developers to try and compete. And isn’t it bad enough developers continue to code app updates for free when regular computer software upgrades usually cost $50 and […]


Dear Weblog, Love Longhand

Dear Weblog, It has been a while since I wrote anything here. Reason being, I have written somewhere between 30,000 – 40,000 words of fiction on paper. Possibly closer to 50,000 though it is hard to say, as I have used the old method of calculating words per line per page. Apparently, I have such […]


Songs By Cooper and The Deaf

I enjoyed finding these two music videos today. Mr. Me by Cooper and “Coming Down that Road” by The Deaf. Click the title above to make the jump.


Lights From Space Music

I am currently digging Lights From Space a rock band from Seattle (see music below).  Surprisingly, the band’s music has received very few views, despite such catchy tunes.  This made me think of Dalton Caldwell’s post on predicting hit songs because he and I were surprised to see a similar situation with The Mowgli’s. If I had a […]


Appdotnet announced a free invite-only.  Here’s an invite Here was an invite link  to UPDATE: overwhelming response on invites so email, DM, PM me if you want an invite.  

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